A-14 Dent Repair / Panel Repair System

A-14 Dent Repair / Panel Repair System

Autorobot Panel Puller makes the straightening of vehicle panels even faster and more economical. The special features of Autorobot Panel Puller are easy use and high pulling force, which can be achieved with use of the lever handles, making the equipment suitable for almost all kinds of car body straightening.

Both the magnet and suction pads allows for easy use of the "Autorobot" Panel Puller. Both fittings rotate horizontally and they are adjustable, thus allowing the support needed for pulling being placed on the best possible area.

According to the information from insurance companies, approximately 80 % of all damage is to the surface of panels. Surface damage often appears on case structures, which cannot be pulled from inside of the car. Exterior straightening with the use of the Autorobot Panel Puller means remarkable savings to working time, because doors and other body structures will not need to be disassembled and reassembled. The advantages of the Panel Puller can best be noticed in the repair of large dents to the welded sides of the car and roof. This is why the Panel Puller is one of the most important tools in modern body shops.


Advantages of the "Autorobot" Panel Puller

  • Possibility to straighten versus time-consuming part change
  • Retaining manufacturer's paint protection
  • Work can be started immediately, no waiting for a new part
  • Enhances body shop's repair capacity and rotation will be faster

Competitive edge of the "Autorobot" Panel Puller

  • Rotational end part can be placed onto a strong area (in line)
  • Suction pad adopts the curved shapes of the car (doesn't make dents under the end part)
  • High pulling force can be achieved with lever handles
  • Works short or long, the aluminium structure can be quickly extended for large side panels

A-14 - Autorobot - Dent Pulling Mini Spotter

New generation dent puller, ideal for all type of steel dent pulling and straightening works.


  • Only 2 parameters to selec
  • The power level (among 9 levels
  • The tool (among 7 tools
  • No need to set the time and intensity parameters.
  • Automatic starting system
  • The welding is performed automatically when the tool touches the metal that must be dent pulled.

Techinal Features

Power voltage 230 V
Power frequency 50/60 Hz
Fuse 16 A
Idling voltage 7,4 V
Max. output 3800 A
RMS 3 % 2800 A
Weight 27 kg
Size 36 x 26 x 23,5
Cable length 2,0 m

Autorobot Smart Puller

New Innovation in Vehicle Panel Straightening

Autorobot Finland has developed a new technique in vehicle panel straightening called Smart Puller.

This makes the straightening of vehicle panels and box structures faster and more economical.

The special features of Autorobot Smart Puller are easy and quick to use.
The equipment is suitable for almost all kind of car body straightening. Autorobot Smart Puller can easily repair sides, rocker panels, A, B, C pillars, front parts, rear parts & roof structures of the car. An easy use of equipment has been achieved with the movable stand with the wheels and the adjustable counter supports. Both counter supports can be set to the STRONG AREAS of thebody which allows the best support for each area to e straightened.

The specialty of Smart Puller is its ability to straighten areas almost all over the body in all needed directions.
The advantages of Smart Puller can be best noticed in the repair of the large dents on the welded sides of the car and the roof. The Autorobot Smart Puller is one of the most important and recommended equipment for the modern body shops.

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