AL Step Aligner

AL Step Aligner

The purpose of walk-through aligners is to quickly and efficiently verify the geometry of the steering axles of the different vehicles to be checked.

Using a very intuitive software we can observe the deviation detected by each axis in m / km, indicating in turn, by means of graphical figures, whether the aforementioned deviation has been in the positive (convergent) or negative (divergent) direction, as well as if the The readings made are correct and within the margins adaptable to the current regulations of each country, and which are recorded in the application settings.

Both the operation and the process of checking the system is extremely simple, since only one of the vehicle's wheels is required to pass over the measurement plate, so that the application memorizes and displays the data corresponding to the different axes of the checked vehicle. (up to a maximum of ten axles, steering only, per vehicle).


Technical data

Passing speed 5-10 km / h
Max. circulating weight per axle 2 Ton.
Range -20 to 20 mm / m
Measure step 0.1 m. / km
Single phase voltage 230 V - 50 Hz
3 rating levels A) m / km (max. 20 m / km)
B) Degrees and minutes
C) Diagnosis
On screen display Convergent, divergent y and correct
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