300MC Mechanical Measuring Tram Gauge

300MC Mechanical Measuring Tram Gauge

Autorobot Mechanical Measuring Tram Gauge is useful for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition and for damage documentation. This equipment can be used for point to point measuring in all kinds of surroundings. Tram's technique is supported by Autorobot's very comprehensive vehicle data files (approximately 60 reference points per vehicle).

300MC Autorobot Cali-Measure

  • Measuring tram, mechanical, 1,2 m (1pcs)
  • Tram extension, 0,9 m (1pcs)
  • Holder for measuring rod, 50 mm (2pcs)
  • Measuring rod extension, 100 mm (6pcs)
  • Autorobot Datasheet Suite cd-rom (1pcs)
  • Tram extension, 0,5 m (1pcs)
  • Measuring instrument set (1pcs)
  • Aluminium carry case (1pcs)


  • Measures Length
  • View actual photographs to locate datasheet measuring points
  • Easily portable with the carry case, it is easy to move around
  • Reports generated by manually entering measures in software
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