Calipre 3D Real Time Electronic Measuring System

Calipre 3D Real Time Electronic Measuring System

Autorobot Calipre electronic measuring system is the elite member of the measuring system line. This total-vehicle measuring system is recommended for body shops interested in serving clients and insurance companies with printable, provable results. Measuring is based on the approximately 30 three-dimensional underbody measuring points and 30 measuring points on vehicle upper body. The best choice for shops desiring the highest level of repair quality and reporting, Autorobot Calipre is an investment in future technology and advanced technician know-how. This measuring system works with all Autorobot benches; with adapters it also integrates with other straightening system brands.

Technical Information

  • Aluminum composition
  • Inner height 1890 mm/74.4 in.
  • Inner width 2070 mm/81.5 in.
  • Lengthwise beams 4000 mm/158 in.
  • Measuring arch weight 34 kg/75 lb
  • Total weight 87 kg/192 lb
  • Wireless communication (WLAN)
  • Battery power supply (Li-ion)
  • 8 hour minimum use time with full battery charge
  • Maximum 4 hour charging time (from empty to full)


Autorobot Calipre electronic measuring system is unique in the industry. Total-vehicle accessibility makes measuring of all chassis and body structures quick and reliable. The system's key features are the measuring arch that moves over the entire vehicle and the arch's measuring rods that smoothly adjust both laterally and vertically. Swivel measuring heads reach all important body points - for example the strut tower - without having to use separate measuring accessories. Completing measuring files quickly with data for all critical points (such as lower control arm mounting points, McPherson upper end, frame front end and fender front structures) will efficiently guarantee vehicle drivability, visual body symmetry and accurate part replacement. Autorobot Calipre also measures points inside the vehicle, even behind obstacles, for instance, the rear strut tower mounting points in the luggage compartment. Patent pending.

  • Insensitive to environment disturbance (sounds, light, air conditioning)
  • Before and after repair reports
  • Wireless communication to computer
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