DHL TOTAL 4 Play Detector

DHL TOTAL 4 Play Detector

The ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC control device is used to check the condition of the axles of light vehicles with maximum load 4 Ton per axle. It allows to observe the possible wear and the play caused by them.

Four check plates installed on the ground at ground level, are guided in their transverse movements with the switches mounted on the flashlight.

For the creation of the equipment, the latest technologies have been used, thus adding the maximum precision in its finish, achieving a robust machine with excellent aesthetics, silent and precise operation.

It includes four movements per plate with a single control knob.
It includes an additional set of plates for the movement of the second axis in order to check the two axles without moving the vehicle. The equipment is governed by a single hydraulic group for the entire set of plates.


Technical data

Maximum axle load 4 Ton.
Engines 3 CV.
Voltage 230 V. 50 Hz. Three-phase
Thermal protector 10A
Protection fuse 3A
LED lamp 12V / 6W
Hydraulic unit tank capacity 15 L. Oil SAE-10
Hydraulic pump 12 L / minute
Push force 12,500 N
Offset per side 100 mm.
Actuation and control in wired lamp  
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