FRU 4 Universal Brake Caliper

FRU 4 Universal Brake Caliper

The FRU 4 roller brake tester is a device used to make a reliable evaluation of the state of the braking system of a vehicle, light or heavy vehicle up to 18 Tons per axle. Its main task is to carry out a quick and effective verification of the operating status of the braking control, accurately measuring the maximum braking on the front and rear axles, handbrake, as well as the ovality of the braking system discs and drums. .

The two frames, one for each wheel on the same axle, are mechanically welded steel structures. Its design and the most demanding production and quality processes give our machines robustness, reliability and longevity. Rollers are mounted inside the frames to ensure adequate adhesion for successful testing. Its powerful motors drag the rollers and the force cells inform the braking measure continuously during the test.

A computer is in charge of controlling the entire measuring system and the operation of the machine. The control can be by keyboard, mouse or remote control and the visualization is carried out by means of a highly intuitive software.


Technical data

Maximum axle load 20 Ton
Drive motors 2 x 11 kW (S2)
Test speed 2.6 km / h.
Track width max. / min. 3,100 / 850 mm.
Voltage 400 V. 50 Hz. Three-phase
Protection fuse 3 x 63 A
Thermal protector 2 x 25 A
Roller diameter 282 mm.
Roller length Welding / Synthetic fiber 1,135 mm.
Useful length of the rollers Welding / Synthetic fiber 1,135 mm.
Distance between centers 485 mm.
Rear roller lift 50 mm.
Measurement indication error one%
Coefficient of adhesion (welding rollers) 0.9 dry - 0.7 wet
Two measurement scales 0-8 kN / 0-40 kN
Measure step 10 N
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