Integrating Soundmeter Sc102

Integrating Soundmeter Sc102

The SC102 class 2 integrating sonometer is more than an acoustic measurement instrument since it not only performs the measurements but also the checks and calculations indicated in the standards, to obtain the final result in situ.

It is the first integrating sound level meter with measurement protocols, which simplifies the process to obtain the results to the maximum. Guides the user step by step in carrying out measurements.

This model of sound level meter has a removable preamplifier to be able to carry out noise measurements of both vehicles and machines (pressure and sound power).

Certificates and standards

  • Conformity assessment through the following combination of modules: Examination of model  (Module B) and Declaration of conformity with the model based on the quality assurance of the manufacturing process (Module D) in accordance with Order ITC / 2848/2007 on Legal Metrology
  • UNE-EN 61672-1: 05 class 2, UNE-EN 60651: 96 (A1: 97) (A2: 03) class 2, UNE-EN 60804: 02 type 2
  • EN 61672-1: 03 class 2, EN 60651: 94 (A1: 94) (A2: 01) class 2, EN 60804: 00 type 2
  • IEC 61672-1: 02 class 2, IEC 60651: 01 class 2, IEC 60804: 00 type 2
  • ANSI S1.4: 83 (R2001) type 2, ANSI S1.43: 97 (R2002) type 2, ANSI S1.11: 04
  • CE mark Complies with the low voltage directive 73/23/CEE and the EMC directive 89/336/CEE modified by 93/68 /CEE


Technical data

Peak detector Lpeak

Rise time <75 µs

  • Model P-05: ½ ” prepolarized condenser microphone with built-in preamp. Equivalent impedance 3000 Ω. Nominal sensitivity:16 mV/P? under reference conditions
Frequency weighting
Meets standard IEC 61672 class 2 Weightings A and C
Time weighting
LF, LS, according to tolerance class 2
Resolution: 0.1dB

Influence of humidity
Operating range in the absence of condensation: 25 to 90% Maximum error for 25%

Storage without batteries: < 90%

Influence of magnetic fields
The integrating sound level meter complies with the basic specifications of the 61672-1 standard for the required immunity to AC power and radio frequency fields.
Temperature influence
Operating range: 0 to +40ºC
Maximum error (0 to + 40ºC): 0.9 dB
Storage without batteries: -20 to +60ºC
Influence of vibrations
For frequencies from 20 to 1000 Hz and 1 m / s2: <75 dB (A)
Power supply
Two 1.5 V size AA (LR6) batteries.
Typical duration with continuous operation: 24 hours
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