VTL AE (Electric Drag) For Light Vehicle

VTL AE (Electric Drag) For Light Vehicle

Conceived to verify the status of the taximeter, speedometer and odometer of vehicles with maximum load of 3.5 Ton per axle to the step. It allows to quantify the time, the space traveled and the price of the trip made.

The speedometer compares the speed indicated by the technician (when the person in charge records the speed) and the real one, finding the difference between the two in%. The odometer test will record both the distance indicated by the technician and the actual distance traveled by the vehicle, also finding the difference between the two in%.

The taximeter test identifies the error in the charge, according to the current rates, indicating if the value is out of parameters, both in the kilometer test and in the hour test.
The measurement system is based on a high resolution encoder and incorporates a photocell that allows calculating the error introduced by the deformation of the tires.

Rates update with password validation.


Technical data

Maximum axle load when passing 3.5 Ton.
Track width min. / max. 805 / 2,120 mm.
Test speed 0-120 km / h
Measure step 0.1 m.
Roller locking system Tire
Voltage (three phase) 400 v. / 50 Hz
Rollers length 682 mm.
Roller diameter 202 mm.
Roller center distance 360 mm.
Pneumatic feeding 8 bars minimum
Electric drive motor for axles without traction of 7.5 kW up to 60 km / h.
Connection TCP IP
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