Micro B Movable Mini CRS

Micro B Movable Mini CRS

Perfect for quick pulls and straightening of small and medium-size damage, the Micro B is the most economic Autorobot collision repair system.
Small shops favor its modest footprint and flexibility, while larger shops find it indispensable for quick pulls when large racks are tied up. The Micro B is designed to mount vehicles with pinch welds, although special fasteners available as accessories enable fastening of full-frame vehicles and those without pinch welds. Micro B's multifunctional, telescopic pulling tower turns 200 degrees around its fastening point, making work on both sides of the vehicle fast and efficient.


Basic Bench Galvanized MS material with wheels
Pulling Tower Made of special aluminum.
Sill clamp By tightening single bolt it will hold the car and also itself gets tightened to the bench
Closure area 3.360m ´ 0.86m
Working area 5.3m ´ 3.4m
Pulling force 10 tons
  • Movable Mini Bench: Does not require any bay but can be taken to damaged vehicle
  • Equipment Capacity: Excellent mini bench for all sorts of medium and small repairs
  • Area covered: It can cover three sides when mounted in front or rear of the vehicle
  • Pulling Tower: Aluminium Alloy for light weight, capacity 10 ton versatile pulling tower the same as used in Autorobot bigger bench type system, making it fully upgradable at any time in the future

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