Opacimeter Ry-500ah

Opacimeter Ry-500ah

The Opacimeter is a modern equipment, prepared and ready to meet the requirements of the UNE 82503 and DIN 57411, SAE J1677 USA / Canada standards.

It is a partial flow meter based on the principle of light absorption by smoke.It allows to carry out an official opacity test guided step by step by the program.It has a configuration module that allows consulting and modifying the operating parameters. Access is made through a password as a security measure for authorized technical personnel.

It can be connected in Ethernet network. It allows the sending of the measurement data to a central computer that receives and manages the information obtained from various machines, creating complete reports, as well as a database of vehicles and customers.

Possibility of adapting the software to the internal regulations of the ITV.


Technical data

Environmental working conditions Temperature: from 5 to 40ºC
  Humidity: 0-95%
  Pollution: <2%
Storage temperature -32ºC to 50ºC
Optics Green Led light source 560nm
Detector Silicon photodiode
Response time 10% to 90%, 0.25 ms
Acoustic noise 53 dB
Heating period 3 - 6 min. according to temperature
Standard test probe 800 mm. 10 mm. OR
Opacity 0 - 9.99 m-1 range
  Resolution 0.01 m-1
Feeding 220 V. 50 Hz
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