VTL CYCLE Speedometers For Motorcycles, Quads and Tricycles

VTL CYCLE Speedometers For Motorcycles, Quads and Tricycles

Ideal machine to test and determine the state of the speed limiter of quadricycles, motorcycles, quads and tricycles with maximum load of 1 Ton per axle. High-strength steel frame assembled under the exclusive “Perfect-fit” system, which characterizes all RYME brand frames with a high precision in adjustment, avoiding at the same time the possibility of human error in the assembly and giving a unbeatable appearance.

The speed measurement is obtained through an incremental encoder mounted on the axis of the front rollers. Given the resolution of the encoder, a high reading precision is obtained, greater than +/- 0.1 km / h.

The surface is smooth and epoxy painted, which gives the rollers great durability.


Technical data

Maximum axle load 1 Ton.
Maximum track width 1,700 mm.
Minimum track width 230 mm.
Minimum wheel width 120 mm.
Test speed 0-60 km / h.
Max Speed . 120 km / h
Roller locking system Pneumatic
Voltage (single phase) 230 V - 50 Hz.
Roller length 1,000 / 495 mm.
Roller diameter 202 mm.
Roller center distance 360 mm.
Pneumatic feeding Pn = 8 bar.
Communication USB / RS-232
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