Suspension Bench Universal BSU

Suspension Bench Universal BSU

The BSU suspension bench has been designed to evaluate suspensions in vehicles with maximum loads up to 16 Ton per axle to the step.

Its main task is to carry out a quick and efficient analysis of the state of the suspension of light vehicles. The test is carried out under the EUSAMA method, individually measuring the wheels of each axle. The bench incorporates security systems that detect the presence of the vehicle during the test, performing the same when the measurement platforms detect a minimum weight.

The 3 kW motors subject the suspension of the vehicle to an oscillation between 16 Hz and 0 Hz, simulating the conditions of the road to obtain the degree of adherence of the vehicle to the same.

A computer is in charge of controlling the entire measurement system and the operation of the machine. The control can be by keyboard, mouse or remote control and the visualization is carried out by means of a highly intuitive software.


Technical data

Maximum step weight 16 Ton. Protection fuse 3 x 20 A
Maximum test weight 2,500 Kg Excitation frequency 16 Hz
Engine power 2 x 3 kW   A) Amplitude
Maximum track width 2,120 mm. 3 rating levels B) Efficiency in%
Minimum track width 825 mm.   C) Diagnosis
Voltage 400 V. 50/60 Hz. Three-phase
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