Road Fitness Tests to be Mandatory from April 2023

Road Fitness Tests to be Mandatory from April 2023

Nov 04, 2022

The government plans to make fitness testing of vehicles through Automated Test Stations (ATS) mandatory in a phased manner, starting in April next year. The requirement will be implemented gradually. Fitness testing for heavy goods vehicles and heavy passenger motor vehicles through an Automated Test Station (ATS) will be mandatory from April 1, 2023, as per the Gazette notification G.S.R. 652 (E).

In the case of medium goods vehicles, medium passenger motor vehicles, and light motor vehicles (transport), the requirement will be made mandatory from June 1, 2024.

We, Vinitec Automotive, along with our partner Ryme Worldwide, are providing solutions for these automated testing stations by supplying and installing the equipment necessary to carry out road fitness tests for heavy, medium, and light vehicles.

This shall evaluate the vehicle performance and generate a consolidated report of all mandatory tests carried out to determine the fitness of the vehicles.

The test includes a brake test, suspension test, side slip test, playtest, speedometer test,

headlight test, and exhaust emission test, along with a manual check of the body condition of the vehicle.

These equipments are as per G.S.R. 652 (E).

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